Our vision for the mobility of the future

ZF Friedrichshafen AGFinancial report and magazine (Online and Print)

Germany’s major automotive supplier is a hidden champion. Surprisingly few people know about the company from the shores of Lake Constance. But without ZF and its products nothing much would happen in the global vehicle industry. The industry is currently undergoing fundamental change, making ZF an exciting company to work with.


The automotive industry is currently going through a difficult period. Amid technological upheaval and changing environmental policies, manufacturers are faced with fundamental decisions about the direction they want to take. And major suppliers like ZF Friedrichshafen are not immune


In this period of uncertainty, ZF is focusing on one clear vision: “Mobility life balance”. The company’s size and its diverse expertise enable it to establish a position that is not dependent on technology. This means it can operate independently of many other manufacturers’ decision-making processes with regards to the type of driveline that will dominate in the future.


The company’s 140,000 employees are building the mobility of tomorrow.

An interview with the CEO addresses stakeholders’ top questions.
The company’s vision is at the heart of its new online magazine, published alongside the online financial report.
With its new positioning, ZF has a number of topics to address internally. In a separate interview, Sabine Jaskula, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Human Resources, provides employees with information and answers key questions.