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A social responsibility

Vonovia SEFinancial report and magazine

Germany’s largest housing company has completely reinvented property management over the last few years. Two name changes, an IPO and promotion to the German leading index DAX 30 are all part of our history at the company’s side. Now the first steps to branch out further within Europe have also been taken. We are proud to have been a part of this.


As the housing shortage intensifies in metropolitan regions, affordable housing is the subject of intense public debate. Vonovia, the largest private company in Germany, is always under scrutiny – even though its business approach is focused on helping to remedy the situation.


As in previous years, in this publication Vonovia highlights the benefits its business approach brings to stakeholders – especially tenants. With its central theme “& not or” Vonovia shows how it is working to promote a culture of cooperation that avoids conflict.

One million

feel at home with Vonovia.

Readers can learn riveting facts about the company in the report’s introductory chapter.
Airy dividers separate the different sections of the comprehensive report, giving readers the chance to take a breather.
An example is worth a thousand words. The report showcases a Berlin neighbourhood project.
In addition to its printed report, Vonovia also has a high-quality HTML version on its website – responsive and smartphone friendly, naturally.