Together we take care of the unexpected…

A business model to take us into the future

Talanx AGAnnual report and sustainability report

The Hanover-based insurance company has numerous brand names under its belt, such as HDI, Neue Leben and Targo. Work on projects requires perseverance and a great deal of meticulousness, as several thousand pages need to be produced every year in five different languages, including Hungarian.


The current developments on the market are making it necessary for insurance companies to adapt their business models. Here too, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Some deep reflection on the company’s direction going forward inspired its new purpose: “Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship”.


In the introductory chapter on sustainability strategy and management, the sustainability report introduces the company’s new purpose to readers. Other chapters in the report also frequently refer to the company’s purpose. The introductory chapters provide insights into projects through which Talanx has rolled out its sustainability strategy across the central areas of the company using an agile approach. The new icons and design visually highlight what is behind the figures in the sustainability report. In the financial reports, the amount of information has been reduced and presented in a much clearer way. Using the publishing system ns.publish, the company produced ten financial reports and the sustainability report simultaneously to high quality standards. The editorial system made it possible for the customer to be involved in the process every step of the way.


The company operates globally across 5 continents and 150 different countries.