Everything for this moment

Saving lives through innovation

Rosenbauer International AGAnnual report and sustainability report (online and print)

The world’s market leader for firefighting vehicles is wowing the firefighting industry with its state-of-the-art technology. The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) is setting new standards and is expected to boost the growth of the company further. This partnership is a dream come true for berichtsmanufaktur. After all, who didn’t dream of being a firefighter when they were older?


It is important to ensure that the print and online versions of both the annual report and the sustainability report are in sync in terms of theme, content and graphics. The company plans to focus on its guiding principle “Everything for this moment” at the leading INTERSCHUTZ trade fair, if it goes ahead.


Under this guiding principle, the annual report brings together the combined mission of Rosenbauer and the fire brigades. They are united by their goal to create the best possible conditions for vehicles to be deployed well.
The sustainability report takes the annual report’s guiding principle further, with the title “The time is now”. This expresses the idea that Rosenbauer, with its high level of product responsibility, is grasping every opportunity to improve its performance – going above and beyond the legal requirements.
The new online report shows readers the key information from the annual report as well as a summary of the sustainability report in HTML format. The two reports are connected via a switch at the top of the page that readers can click to easily toggle between them.

15 million

In 150 different countries, 15 million firefighters rely on the products manufactured in Leonding.