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Nordex SENon-financial report and sustainability report

The Nordex Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of wind turbines. 6,900 employees work day in, day out to develop high-performance turbines so good that they are used in all sorts of environments. The turbines can be found onshore and offshore, as well as in desert and permafrost regions. The company’s manufacturing network includes plants in Brazil, Germany, India, Spain and Mexico.


The highly efficient wind turbines from Nordex make a significant contribution to climate-friendly energy generation. The sustainability report needs to showcase the contribution Nordex is making to the shift towards renewable energy.


The report focuses on the 2019–2021 sustainability strategy and details the progress the company made in its main areas of activity in the reporting year. To illustrate this, the report presents real projects from the Nordex world. The sustainability report also incorporates Nordex SE’s non-financial report. It has been audited by an independent auditor.


Nordex had installed a total of 28 gigawatts of capacity in more than 40 countries as of the end of 2019.