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Hanseatic values and innovative strength

H&R GmbH & Co. KGaAFinancial report and magazine/non-financial report

The H&R Group from Hamburg is renowned for extremely high quality in the development and manufacture of speciality chemical-pharmaceutical products from crude oil derivatives. From toothbrushes, medicinal oils and skin creams to paint, paper and car tyres, the company’s products are used as ingredients in countless goods that are part of our everyday lives.


Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in industry. H&R has been putting thought into this for some time now, pursuing its “green refineries” vision. With the PEM hydrogen electrolysis plant, for example, H&R can produce 100 tonnes of green hydrogen every year using electricity from renewable sources.


Last year, the company began publishing a magazine alongside its annual report. This is a great way of communicating the company’s core messages in a different format. This year’s focus is on sustainability. The special thing about the magazine is that it incorporates the company’s non-financial report.


H&R’s speciality products are used in more than 100 industries worldwide.