Fresh perspectives

A creative solution provider for the capital

berlinovo Immobilien Gesellschaft mbHFinancial report and magazine

In 2012, the state of Berlin placed a mountain of debt amounting to EUR 3.5 billion on the state-owned real estate company’s shoulders. The company was then tasked with reducing this figure as quickly as possible. Today, just a few years later, the mission has been completed and berlinovo uses its vast experience to take on special property-related projects for the Senate as an economically sound company.


The report needs to showcase berlinovo’s new position as a portfolio holder and innovative provider of solutions for the city of Berlin. At the same time, it should convey a sense that change is in the air – both externally and internally. After all, innovation needs employees on board who are ready to rise to the challenge.


Like the company itself, the report breaks new ground with its graphics and content. The top-class contributions to the report are showcased in a double-sided pull-out page under the promise of “Fresh perspectives”. The page layout, typography and visual language are purposefully designed to catch the eye, while specially-designed features draw attention to the content.


berlinovo aims to create living space for 3,600 students over the next few years.